Who We Are

WDM Entertainment is an independent communications agency working exclusively in entertainment and arts. We partner with some of the most culturally influential entertainment brands in the world and are built around four core pillars:

TV & Streaming | Film Publicity & Awards | Arts & Impact | Corporate Communications

We also offer end to end support to the film and television industries via a new strategic partnership with Unitworks, a unit publicity company founded by Alyssa Taffet.

We believe in the power of art to bring people closer together and make a more interesting world. We collaborate with our clients to help them reach broader audiences, build deeper relationships and ultimately leave their mark on culture.

We are not just a PR company. We Do More. Through innovative talent initiatives, ongoing consultation with our clients and industry engagement, our driving ambition is to leave this industry in a better place than when we found it. We have committed to investing at least 10% of our net profits in development and enrichment initiatives to support new talent and under-represented voices in the industry.

Our name represents the leadership team of the company - Sarah Wareing, Amy Dowd, Evi Dennison, Frankie Mendola and Daniel Maynard: the people who make up its essence and culture.

Co-founded by CEO Amy Dowd in 2017, WDW Entertainment became WDM Entertainment in June 2023, when Daniel Maynard joined the company as Managing Director.

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Photographer:  Maite de Orbe